Art 1(Fundamentals of Visual Design)- Clair

 These are the documents we will be using throughout the semester

Welcome Week

Welcome letter
Check out semester outline and syllabus:
Fall 2018 -Fall 2018 Art I Revised Schedule.doc.pdf
Spring 2019 - Syllabus
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 Unit I
Unit I - Introduction
Unit I -Vocabulary
The Art of ZenTangle
Blank Zentangle sheet
What is Art? When is it Art?-Chapter 1
Unit I - Elements Packet
Unit 1- Principles Packet
Elements of Design -Power point
Principles of Design - Power point
Graphic Organizer
Categories of Art
Categories of art Power point
Logo PPT.
Design your Logo worksheet
Pattern Exercise
Puzzle Review
Unit I - Topics on test
Unit I -Slide review for test
Unit II
Unit II- Line, Ice Age, Ancient Egypt, Classical Greek
Unit II -Vocabulary
Unit II- Line ppt.
Unit II- Contour Line ppt.
Unit II - Graphic organizer
Unit II- Art History handout
Unit II- Puzzle review
Unit II- Implied line activity
Unit II-Contour line drawing list
Unit II - What to look for when contour drawing
Unit II- Scholastic Art Magazine-Celtic Knots
Unit II- What to study for test
Unit II - Review slides for test
Unit III
Unit III- Shape/Form/Composition
Unit III- Vocabulary
Unit III- Graphic organizer
Unit III- Art History
Unit III- Compositional rules power point
Unit III- Crossword puzzle.pdf
Unit III- Emphasis or Focal Point.pdf
Unit III- The Golden Ratio and The Fibonacci Sequence.pdf
Unit III, Whose Face is More Golden.pdf
Unit III- What to study or focus on for Unit III.pdf

Unit IV
 Color Theory
Unit IV- Vocabulary
Unit IV- History
Unit IV.- Color power point
Unit IV- Color Wheel Worksheet
Unit IV- Color Scheme Worksheet
Unit IV- Color Pencil Techniques
Unit IV- Color interactive website
 Unit V
Space, Texture, and Perspective
Unit V-vocabulary
Unit V- Art History
Unit V- STOP-C exercise
Unit V- Perspective Power point
Unit V- Perspective Packet
Unit V- Computer Generated room
 Final Exam
 Final Exam Review packet
Sample of past exam
Summary notes of semester


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