Hladek, Mark

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This is my 9th year at Wando, and my 12th year teaching overall.  I teach CP Sociology, AP US Government, and CP US Government in K-221.  

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Tuesdays and Thursdays: 7:45-8:15; 3:45-4:15

Courses Taught

Sociology CP

This semester course is designed to acquaint students with the major concepts and principles of Sociology.  Included in the course will be an examination of Sociology as a science and concept of society.  In this examination emphasis will be placed on the student to understand the term Sociology as well as the basic theoretical perspectives of Sociology.  The student will also be able to define and give examples of culture, as well as demonstrate how societies promote social control.  Also included will be an understanding of the interrelationship between the individual and society.  Sociology will compliment other social science courses such as Government, Economics, Criminal Justice, Adolescent development, and more.  The student will view “Real World” events through current events and observations so to strengthen their comprehension of the course curriculum.

US Government CP

This semester course is designed to acquaint students with those principles essential to the understanding of the American political system.  Included in the course will be an examination of the structure and functions of the federal government.  In this examination, emphasis will be placed on the organization and relationship of the different units within the national government.  Also included will be a comparison of national government to South Carolina State and local levels.  Beyond the understanding of structure and function, students will concern themselves with the role of citizens in our society.


US Government AP

AP U.S. Government and Politics is a college-level year-long course that not only seeks to prepare students for success on the AP Exam in May, but also provide students with the political knowledge and reasoning processes to participate meaningfully and thoughtfully in discussions and debates that are currently shaping American politics and society. It is important to note that this course is not a history course; it is a political science course that studies the interconnectedness of the different parts of the American political system and the behaviors and attitudes that shape this system and are the byproduct of this system.

 AP U.S. Government and Politics accomplishes these goals by framing the acquisition of political knowledge around enduring understandings and big ideas about American government and politics that can be applied to a set of disciplinary practices through the use of a set of reasoning processes. Through the development of this set of political knowledge, disciplinary practices, and reasoning processes, by the end of the course, students will be able to analyze current and historical political events like a political scientist and develop factually accurate, well-reasoned, thoughtful arguments and opinions that acknowledge and grapple with alternative political perspectives.

**STUDENTS--To access/see this class, you will need to receive a study code from Mr. Hladek and login to Google Classroom.

**PARENTS--To access/see this class, you will need to have your student retrieve a parent code by logging into his or her account, clicking on the "student" page and finding the parent code.


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