Advanced Placement Art History - Wyrick

Welcome to Advanced Placement Art History!

This course is designed for highly motivated college-bound students who have demonstrated academic achievement, higher order thinking skills, and the ability to work independently.  The course is the equivalent of a two-semester college course, and encourages critical thinking and an understanding and knowledge of diverse historical and cultural contexts of architecture, sculpture, painting and other media. Students examine and critically analyze major forms of artistic expression from the past and the present from a variety of cultures. An emphasis is placed on understanding how and why works of art function in context, considering such issues as patronage, gender, and the functions and effects of works of art.

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Welcome Week &

Introduction to Methodology

  • Syllabus
  • Parent Letter
  • Elements and Principles of Design
  • Analyzing Art:  Tools for Understanding
  • Prehistoric Art

Ancient Art

  • "SABHAP"
  • Egypt
    • Old Kingdom
    • Middle Kingdom/New Kingdom

Ancient Greece and Rome

  • Greek Art
    • Sculpture
    • Architecture
    • Pottery
  • Roman Art
    • Painting
    • Architecture
    • Sculpture

Early Christian, Byzantine, &


  • Early Christian Art
  • Byzantine Art
  • Islamic Art

Ancient Art of the

Non-Western World

  • Art Beyond the European Tradition

Medieval Art & Romanesque Art

  • Medieval Art
  • Romanesque Art

Gothic Art

  • Gothic Art 
    • France and other regions
    • Italy

15th - 16th Centuries

  •  Renaissance Art
    • Early Renaissance in Northern Europe and Spain
    • Early Renaissance in Italy
    • High Renaissance
  • Mannerism
  • Later Renaissance

17th - 18th Centuries

  • Baroque Art
  • Rococo Art
  • Neoclassicism
  • Romanticism

19th Century

  • Late 19th-Century Art 

20-21st Centuries

  • Early 20th-Century Art
  • Late 20th-Century Art and the Contemporary World

Exam Review

  • Final Exam/AP Exam Review

Final Project

  •  TBA


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