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National research indicates that students achieve higher levels of academic success when there are clear connections and relevance to their studies. We in the School of Arts and Humanities are very proud to be able to make the connections for children to see the relevance of high school to their future goals and ambitions. The School of Arts and Humanities provides students with the opportunity to explore their interests associated with the fields of Education and Training, the Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Graphics Design and Technology, Journalism and Mass Communications and World Languages.

According to data obtained from Arts Watch in 2011, creative industries in the United States employ almost three million people and non-profit arts organizations generate $166 billion annually. The arts are a vital part of our society! In the School of Arts and Humanities, it is our goal to serve students within our school by providing rigorous and relevant coursework in the arts and humanities, in order to help our students be better prepared for the next step in their post secondary pursuits. Faculty within the school of study work collaboratively, across disciplines, to provide students with meaningful and engaging learning experiences. Please view our newsletters to see examples of previous cross-curricular lessons and get a glimpse of what’s happening in the School of Arts and Humanities.

We hope many of you will choose to be part of our exciting school of study. Welcome!

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