Student Parking

Click here for student parking rules, regulations and agreement form for the 2016-2017 school year.

Student Parking FAQs

Q:  May I drive to school?

A:  Only a student at or above their 3rd year of high school attendance may obtain a parking permit for their personal or family-owned vehicle at a cost of $60. Each parking sticker clearly indicates the year and lot a student is allowed to park on campus. These stickers may not be sold, transferred, altered, or removed from the vehicle.  There must be two stickers on the vehicle at all times while on campus.  Any student without a parking permit is not allowed to drive/park on campus until 4:00 p.m. on regular school days. 


Q:  When, where and how do I sign up to get a parking pass?

A:  Once notified that parking is open for application, juniors and seniors may pay for a permit online.  If you purchase your permit online, you will receive your stickers on your schedule pick-up day.   Permits may also be purchased during schedule pick-up in July and August.  You MUST bring the vehicle you plan to drive to school when you apply for a permit on schedule pick-up day so that a school employee can place the parking stickers on the vehicle.  You will not be allowed to obtain a permit without your vehicle.  Parents cannot obtain permits for students. 


Q:  What do I need to apply for a parking permit?

A:  You must provide your driver’s license, current vehicle registration, current class schedule, have no outstanding textbook obligations and must drive the vehicle you plan to drive to school.  There will be no exceptions.


Q:  Can Sophomores get parking passes, too?

A:  Parking permits will be reserved for student drivers that are at or above their 3rd year of high school attendance. There will be NO exceptions.


Q:  What time can I park my unpermitted car on campus after school?

A:  You can park a car without a permit on campus after the school day has concluded and students have vacated the lots, which on most days is 4:00 p.m., except for Lot C.


Q:  Can I park a motorcycle/moped on campus?

A:  Yes, you may drive a motorcycle or moped to campus if you have a parking permit.


Q:  What if I have to drive a different car to school than the one I registered?

A:  If you are driving the vehicle temporarily, you must receive a temporary permit from Room B-102.  If you have a new vehicle, YOU MUST TURN IN YOUR ORIGINAL STICKERS and register the new vehicle in B-102.  You will receive new stickers once you provide the registration and/or proof of ownership for your new vehicle.  You risk losing your parking privileges if you move your original stickers from one vehicle to another.


Q:  What happens if I park in a different lot than the one I was assigned to or if I park in a spot designated for faculty or staff?

A:  The first time you will receive a written warning.  The second time, you will have a wheel immobilizer (boot) placed on your vehicle, and you will be assessed a $40 fine.  Additionally, you will lose your parking privileges for 30 calendar days.  After the 30 days, you may re-apply for a permit after paying the $60 fee, if any are available.  The third time your vehicle is booted, you will be fined $50 and you will lose your parking privileges for 60 calendar days.  After the 60 days, you may re-apply for a permit after paying the $60 fee, if there are any available.

Q:  What happens if I drive and park on campus without purchasing a parking permit at all?

A:  The first time your vehicle will be booted and you will be assessed a $40 fine.  You will be required to attend one day of Saturday School and you will not be allowed to apply for parking for 90 calendar days.

Q:  If I want to apply for a parking permit in the middle of the year, do I still have to pay the full $60 fee?

A:  Possibly.  If you apply between August and December, you must pay the full $60 fee.  If you apply between January and May, you will be charged $40.  If you apply within the months of May and June, you will be charged $25.


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