Student Dress Code

Students are responsible for dressing in an appropriate manner at all times while involved in a school or district sponsored event or activity. In addition to clothing, hats, and shoes, student attire includes any jewelry, emblem, badge, symbol, sign, comment, or other items worn or displayed by an individual. Students are expected to show pride in themselves and their school by having their dress and appearance reflect the high expectations of Wando High School.  Parents are encouraged to monitor the dress of their student to ensure compliance.

1.  Tops must be long enough that they can be tucked into pants or shorts and shall      
     cover the beltline when the arms are raised above the head. Shoulder straps should
     be at least two fingers wide.

2.  Students must wear clothes that are not overly tight or formfitting to the body.
     Students may not wear clothes that have been cut open, ripped or slit. Pajamas or
     yoga pants are not appropriate and leggings are not considered to be pants or shorts
     and should have something that meets the dress code over them. Clothing shall be
     loose fitting and should not expose the midriff, cleavage, bare shoulders, back, or
     underarm area.  Necklines should not extend beyond the hand placed horizontally
     below the chin at the collar bone. No tank tops, halter tops, crop tops, strapless
     tops, see-through garments, etc. shall be worn.

3.  No clothing, jewelry, or accessory will be permitted that displays profanity,
     weapons, violence, suggestive phrases, alcohol, tobacco, drug advertisements or
     other inappropriate phrases or symbols, such as the Confederate flag and others as
     determined by the school administration.

4.  Students may not wear jewelry such as spiked bracelets, chains or chokers of a size
     or design that may be considered or used as a weapon, as determined by the
     school administration.

5.  Shorts must be loose-fitting, no biking shorts, boxer shorts, or cutoffs are allowed.
     All shorts must be hemmed or cuffed. The minimum length of skirts, shorts, etc.
     must reach the end of the longest finger while the student’s hands are at his/her

6.  Undergarments/lack of undergarments must never be visible.

7.  Students may not wear hats, sweatbands, goggles, bandanas, hair picks, combs, or
     any headgear in the building. Sunglasses are not to be worn inside the building.  
     The hoods on hooded sweatshirts may not be worn.

8.  While on the Wando campus, students may not wear towels, blankets or bandanas
     as accessories on clothing, around the body or on book bags.

9.   Health laws require students to wear shoes at all times. To prevent accidents on
      the stairs, students should avoid wearing shoes that slide off easily. Bedroom
      footwear is not permitted.

10.  Students may wear special dress or costumes for special occasions when approved
       by the principal.

11.  Any other dress or jewelry deemed inappropriate by school administration
       will result in disciplinary consequences.

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