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Student Last Names: A-El

Ms. Kedria Grant


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Ms. Sharon Lee


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Ms. Deborah Snyder


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Ms. Carol Shao




Attendance Fax Number: 843-881-8222

School Achievement Begins with Regular Attendance
1. Parents/guardians have the responsibility to ensure that all school-age children in their care are in school and on time every day.
2. Students have the responsibility to be on time and attend all classes.

In accordance with the South Carolina Compulsory School Attendance Law, standardized rules for all schools have been adopted to ensure that students regularly attend school. Students are counted present only when they are in school, on homebound instruction, or present at an activity authorized by the school principal.

Lawful Absences (Excused)
• Illness of the student
• Medical or dental appointment
• Court appearance or court-ordered activity
• Death in the immediate family
• Observance of a religious holiday
• Activities approved by the administrative team
• Extenuating circumstances as determined by the principal

Unlawful Absences (Unexcused)
• Absence from school for any portion of the day without the knowledge of their parents/guardians
• Absence from school for any portion of the day without acceptable cause with the knowledge of their parents/guardians
• Absence from planned home-bound or home-based sessions

Note: Students are not considered absent when attending approved school field trips, arriving late due to bus problems, or assigned to an in-school suspension program.

A child, at least 6 but not yet 17 years old, who has accumulated three consecutive unlawful absences or ­a total of five unlawful absences

Documentation of Absences
All absences require a written explanation from the parent/guardian within three (3) school days of return from the absence. Written explanation of absences must include the student’s name, parent/guardian’s full name, address and telephone number(s), dates of absence(s), and documentation of the reason for absence.

Student Attendance
School Achievement begins with regular attendance. As a result of the Education Improvement Act of 1984, guidelines have been established for student attendance and absences. Attendance is a requirement for promotion and/ or credit. Students must complete the State of South Carolina required amount of seat time in each term course to receive one unit of credit.

Parents/guardians have the responsibility to ensure that all school-age children in their care are in school and on time every day. Students have the responsibility to be on time and attend all classes. Failure to attend class constitutes an absence. Students previously enrolled in the district and those residing in the state that are entering for the first time shall be counted absent without excuse (for promotion/credit consideration) for each day missed due to late enrollment. All absences are defined as lawful or unlawful. Students are not permitted to make up work for unlawful absences.

Student Absences
All excuses for absences must be documented in writing and delivered to the Attendance Office within three (3) school days of return from the absence. It is the responsibility of the parent/student to submit a note signed by a parent or physician confirming the reason for the absence. Excluding early dismissals, electronic mail and faxes may be accepted as long as the information can be verified with the parent/guardian of record in PowerSchool. Electronic mail requests for early dismissal will not be honored (Please see Absences: Early Dismissal section below.). All student business with the Attendance Office should be conducted outside of class hours. The Attendance Office is open 7:40 a.m. – 3:50 p.m. daily. Taking class time to submit an excuse or obtain an ID card does not exempt a student from the attendance/tardy policy.
Note: No student who misses any portion or all of a school day, unless excused by the principal, shall be permitted to participate later that day or that evening in any extracurricular or school-sponsored, authorized or related activity or event.

Absences Lawful (Excused)
Per state law, lawful absences have been defined as follows:
1. Students who are ill and whose attendance in school would endanger their health or the health of others may be temporarily excused from attendance.
2. Emergency medical or dental appointments that cannot be scheduled outside of school hours. Beginning and ending times must be recorded on the appointment slip by the doctor’s office and only the appointment time and minimum travel time will be excused.
3. Students may be excused from attendance in school if they are required to be present in a court of law. Judge or attorney verification is required in writing.
4. Students in whose immediate family there is serious illness or death.

Documentation for Student Absences

All absences require a written explanation from the parent/guardian within three (3) school days of return from the absence. All absences will be listed as unverified until the student brings in a written explanation to the Attendance Office. When an excuse requires additional documentation, the three-day limitation will be extended to five days. Excuses for absences received after the designated deadlines will be marked “U” for unexcused or may not be accepted at all. After ten (10) absences for any reason which cannot be substantiated by medical statements, future absences will be marked “U” for unexcused. Written explanation of absences must include the student’s name, parent/guardian’s full name and telephone number(s), dates of absence(s), and documentation of the reason for the absence. Excuses must be presented to the Attendance Office before first period to receive verification of the excuse permitting the classroom teacher(s) to provide makeup work and/or tests. These notes are crucial in determining whether credit can be awarded.

• Students may be excused from attendance in school for recognized religious holidays of their faith.
• Students who are absent due to suspensions and those students who have prearranged absences for other reasons and/or extreme hardships at the discretion of the principal.

BE VERY CAREFUL WITH YOUR ABSENCES (EXCUSED AND UNEXCUSED). REMEMBER, THERE ARE LEGAL REQUIREMENTS FOR ATTENDANCE AT SCHOOL. A parent's note for early dismissal or absence is not excused unless it falls under the guidelines for a lawful absence and documentation is provided to the attendance office. Regardless of the reason, parent notes count against the 10 days of allowable absences for class credit.

Absences: Unlawful (Unexcused) 
Per state law, unlawful/unverified absences have been defined as follows:
1. Students absent for any portion of the day without the prior knowledge of the parents/guardians.
2. Students absent from school for any portion of the day without acceptable cause with the knowledge of their parents/guardians.
3. Students absent from planned home-bound sessions.
4. Students suspended from the school bus and not reporting to school.
5. Parental notes for student illnesses in excess of 10 days which cannot be substantiated by medical statements.
6. Routine appointments for medical, dental, or counseling services once a student has exceeded five absences per term/course.

Absences: Chronic Illness
Parents of a student with a chronic illness (one which recurs and may cause the student to miss excessive days) must contact administration to discuss options to maintain academic performance. Those options may include schedule changes, homebound services, tutoring, etc. Even when the school has verification of a chronic illness, absences must be excused with the standard procedure.

Absences: College Visits 
Wando seniors and juniors are permitted two college visit days each year with official documentation. Official College Visit forms are available in the Guidance Office or from the college. These forms should be completed, stamped and signed by college officials. Catalogs, brochures, parking stubs, and parent notes are not sufficient to document an official college visit.

Absences: Early Dismissal 

Students are expected to attend all classes each day of the school year. Once a student arrives on campus he/she is present for the day and may not leave unless properly dismissed. Parent requests for a student’s early dismissal should be sent to the Attendance Office in a note with the student and should include the student’s full name, time and reason for the absence, parent name, contact phone number, date, and parent signature. The student should bring the appropriate excuse back upon his/her return to school. Example: Parent request for early dismissal due to student’s doctor’s appointment followed by a doctor’s excuse when student returns to school. In cases where a student must leave school before the end of the school day, please adhere to the following procedures:

1. A student should present a note written by a parent/guardian for early dismissal to the Attendance Office before first period. Notes presented after first period may require a verbal confirmation from a parent/guardian or may not be honored.
2. Each note should include the student’s full name, reason for dismissal, signature of parent/guardian, and a phone number where the parent/guardian can be reached for verification. If the student is leaving with someone other than the parent/guardian of record in PowerSchool, that individual’s name must be included in the dismissal note from the parent. Electronic mail requests for early dismissal will not be honored.
3. Dismissal notes for the end of class periods are encouraged to avoid class interruptions.
4. Students who drive to school must sign out at the Attendance Office before leaving school grounds. Students who do not drive to school must have a parent/guardian report to either Attendance office to verify he/she is authorized to sign out his/her student. If a student returns the same day from an early dismissal, he/she must sign back into school through an Attendance Office immediately upon returning to campus.
5. After checking out with the Attendance Office, the student must present an exit pass to the Welcome Center attendant. Drivers are responsible for all students in their vehicles.
6. Except in emergency situations, students should not be checked out early after 3:15.

Note: Once a student arrives on campus he/she is present for the day and may not leave unless properly dismissed.

Absences: Late Arrival 
Students who arrive after the tardy bell should report to the Attendance Office for a tardy slip (See Tardies to School section).

Absences: Homebound Instruction 
Homebound instruction may be provided to students who cannot attend public school because of illness, accident, or pregnancy, even with the aid of transportation. The parent/guardian should request a medical homebound instruction application prior to or immediately following the start of the student’s non-attendance. The application for medical homebound instruction may be obtained from the Attendance Office or Guidance Department and must be fully completed and certified by a licensed physician. Homebound services will not be approved for periods exceeding 45 instructional days. If it is necessary for homebound instruction to continue beyond this period, a new medical homebound instruction form and physician verification will be required. A completed and signed medical homebound instruction form does not guarantee approval for the student to participate in the homebound program. The district superintendent/designee will review all applications for approval or denial.

Homebound instruction does not guarantee that students will pass courses or advance to the next grade. Seniors on homebound status who plan to participate in the graduation ceremony and/or be listed in the graduation program must complete all requirements for graduation by the time senior grades are finalized. Homebound students must adhere to CCSD attendance policies or homebound services may be terminated. Questions regarding homebound should be referred to the administrator in charge of Homebound Services.

Absences: Special Circumstances
In rare cases, students may be absent due to extenuating circumstances but the absence does not fall within the State list of defined lawful absences. In such cases, the parent should send a written request with an explanation of the need for the absence to the student’s assistant principal as soon as possible. The administrator will review the information, the length of the proposed absence, the student’s academic record, his/her attendance record, and may confer with the student’s teachers regarding academic impact of the proposed absence. Missing instructional time must be minimized as much as possible.

If the absence is approved, the student is expected to seek assignments from his/her teachers well in advance of the absence and take full responsibility to make up any work missed promptly. In some cases, the total number of absences for the course may exceed the state requirement for “seat” time to award credit and the student will have to make up the time in order to salvage the credit.

Absences for family vacations, trips, and other activities which may be scheduled during school holiday periods will not be approved nor will absences during final exam periods.

Absences: Truancy 
Per state law, there are three levels of truancy:
1. Truant: A child who has accumulated three consecutive unlawful absences or a total of five unlawful absences.
2. Habitual Truant: A child who (1) fails to comply with the intervention plan developed by the school, the child, and the parents or guardians, and (2) accumulates two or more additional unlawful absences.
3. Chronic Truant: A child who (1) has been through the school intervention process; (2) has reached the level of an habitual truant and has been referred to family court and placed under an order to attend school; and (3) continues to accumulate unlawful absences.

Tardies to School

Good attendance and punctuality correlate to higher academic achievement and success in life and careers; that is why Wando High School teachers and administrators emphasize both. Tardiness interrupts learning for everyone in the classroom. Students are expected to be on time and attend every class daily. Teachers are required to record all absences and tardies in PowerSchool.  Students are considered tardy once the bell has signaled the start of class. Tardiness will be excused for the following reasons only when supporting documentation is provided to the attendance office:  (1) Court appearance; OR (2) Medical, dental or counseling appointment; OR (3) Administrator-approved reason.




# 1

Teacher Warning

# 2-3

Teacher Warning AND Parent Contact

# 4

Student-Teacher Conference AND Detention

# 5-6

Referral to Administrator: 1 Block of In-School Suspension (ISS)

# 7

Referral to Administrator:2 Blocks of In-School Suspension (ISS) AND
Parent Shared Responsibility

# 8

Referral to Administrator: 1 Full Day of In-School Suspension (ISS) AND
Conference with Parent

# 9

Referral to Administrator:

  • Conference with Administrator; AND
  • Conditional Suspension; AND
  • *Parking Revoked 30 School Days; AND
  • **Wando High School Probation Remainder of Year


*If the student has parking privileges, they will be revoked for thirty (30) school days.

**The student will be placed on Wando School Probation for the remainder of the school year. During the probation period, if the student is further involved in an infraction of school rules, s/he may be suspended and recommended for further disciplinary action.


Illness at School
Students who become ill may report to the Clinic in the Main Building or CAS for evaluation. Students should always obtain a pass to go to the clinic. Students who fail to report to class or to the office because of illness are subject to disciplinary action. If the student’s condition warrants leaving school, the nurse will try to contact a parent or designated person on the emergency card. If a student leaves school through the nurse’s office, he/she will be permitted to return to school that day only with prior administrative approval.

Makeup Work
If a student misses a class, it is the sole responsibility of the student to consult with the teacher on the first day back concerning make up work or missed assignments. Teachers are not obligated to provide makeup work resulting from unlawful or unverified absences. If a student misses an assigned test, it is his/her responsibility to arrange to make up the test with the time limit determined by the teacher. Work assigned on the missed day(s) should be made up within five school days after returning from an absence. Work should be made up at times convenient to the teacher.

In the case of an extended excused absence, the teacher may extend the makeup time. Failure to meet a reasonable teacher-imposed deadline for extended makeup is grounds for awarding zeros for the missed work. Also, failure to meet an appointment for makeup work will result in loss of makeup privileges unless the teacher agrees to change the appointment before the fact or unless a bona fide emergency exists as determined by the administration. In the event of a dispute over makeup rights, the principal will be the final authority. If a student is absent for several days, the parent should contact teachers through phone, email, or by visiting teacher links on

Credit Denial
Credit for any course may be denied if a student does not meet attendance requirements. Credit will be denied regardless of whether absences are lawful: excused (E) or unlawful: unexcused (U), unverified (A), cut (C) or truant (C).

Exceptions for Denial of Credit are limited to:
a. Court intervention with appropriate documentation
b. Serious illness (chronic or long term) or a disabling injury with medical documentation
c. Death in the immediate family with appropriate documentation
d. Other extraordinary hardships with appropriate documentation
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