New Semester Materials and Lab Safety
Atom Structure, Isotopes, Ions, Oxidation Number
Electron Configuration, ER Spectrum, and Periodic Trends

Nuclear Chemistry

Naming and Writing Chemical Formulas

Lewis Structures, Molecular Geometry, and Intermolecular Forces
Review of Polar vs Nonpolar BONDS - Warning his number ranges are different that the ones we use, but the ideas are still the same. 
Review of Polar vs Nonpolar MOLECULES 
Crash Course - Polar vs Nonpolar MOLECULES 

VSEPR - Common Mistakes with VSEPR Models
VSEPR - Practice Problems
VSEPR - Practice Problems - Octet Exceptions

Writing and Balancing Chemical Equations

Websites for Extra Practice:
Practice Balancing Equations - Visual Illustrations on Balancing
Practice Balancing Equations - Choose your level from Beginner to Advanced!

Moles and Molar Conversions
Powerpoint Notes:
Moles and Molar Conversions (Grams to Moles to Particles)
Percent Composition
Empirical and Molecular Formulas

Other Helpful Videos:
Significant Digits - How to determine the number of significant digits
Significant Digits - Addition and Subtraction
Significant Digits - Multiplication and Division
Significant Digits - Practice Problems

Dimensional Analysis - How to convert between units

Calculating Molar Mass
Most Common Mistake with Moles
Converting between Grams, Moles, and Particles (Part 1)
Converting between Grams, Moles, and Particles (Part 2)

Percent Composition
Empirical and Molecular Formula Definitions
Molecular Formula Calculation Practice

Stoichiometry and Limiting Reactant
Powerpoint Notes:

Other Helpful Videos:
Stoichiometry Tutorial - Khan Academy

Gas Laws 
Powerpoint Notes:
Boyle, Charles, and Gay Lussac Gas Laws
Combined and Ideal Gas Laws

Other Helpful Videos:

Solutions and Molarity

Acids and Bases
Powerpoint Notes:

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