Waters, Merrielee

Merrielee Waters

Merrielee Waters

I am a self-contained teacher in the exceptional education department at Wando High School. Currently I hold a B.S. in Special Education from North Carolina A&T State University, and a M.Ed. in Exceptional Education with a concentration in Learning Disabilities from the College of Charleston. I am a native of Mount Pleasant and graduate of Wando High School. My family here is extensive and I truly have a vested interest in the success of our children and the community at large. It is my goal to work collaboratively with my fellow coworkers and the community to ensure positive outcomes for our learners.

Contact Info:  881-8200 x24040
Planning: 11:52-2:02 p.m. (Daily)
Office Hours: T, TH (8:00-8:25 & 3:40-4:00)
or by appointment
Room: B125

Classes/Courses Taught:

   English Language Arts 2:
Students given instruction in various areas involved in reading, written expression, comprehension utilizing a research based program. Lessons are taught through the use of the various modes of learning (listening, visual, tactile). Information learned is applied to practical, and  real life applications as part of the transition through high school and beyond. All lessons are aligned with core standards and IEP goals. The goal of the class is to increase the knowledge base of every learner in preparation for higher order learning skills.

Algebra 1:
Class begins with basic math skills review such as fractions, exponents, graphing, order of operations and other concepts that will be involved in completing algebraic problems. Students will utilize practices that involve traditional, practical, hands-on, and other innovative real life examples as they learn algebraic concepts. Upon completion of this course students will be expected to complete an end of course (EOC) assessment.
Career Awareness 2:
Students have the opportunity to become familiar with the expectations/requirements related to the world of work that he or she will encounter as a part of their transition from high school. Also, students will explore his or her individual interest or career goal. Exploration of  job related skills that relate to computer technology, business marketing, processing/production, construction/industrial, consumer services, and business/marketing will be done in a lab setting. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to experience or be exposed to various resources out in the community through field trips, shadowing, and volunteer opportunities. They will learn how to fill out various forms and job applications online and on paper, create resumes and cover letters. Everything within this class involves hands on real-life applications. 

Science 2:
Students will become involved in lessons that cover areas related to various areas of science. Topics covered include home, work, and recreational safety. Also, students will cover units related to life, earth, physical science, and health related issues. Lessons will include hands-on and interactive activities to help keep students engaged and actively involved in lessons. 

Biology 1:
Biology will involve the study of living things beginning with one celled organisms to multi-celled. Students will not only explore the building blocks of life but how living things impact and influence the life, behavior, and survival of each other in various living environments. Upon Completion of this course students will take an end of course (EOC) assessment. 

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